Barron Bazemore | Freelance Marketing

[1] Name Barron Rodgier Bazemore Jr.

[2] Occupation I help grow businesses.

[3] Social Handle @barronbazemore | @utsstudio

[4] 5 Current Songs You’re Listening To

Tycho – Division

Lil Uzi feat Future – Sauce

Blood Orange – Hands Up

Common – This is Me

Tangerine dream – Love on a Real Train

[5] Pet/Peeves? People who don’t listen

[6] Grail? House for my folks

[7] Favourite Colour? Dark Blue / Navy

[8] Where did you go to school? Boston University

[9] Tell us about this book The book I’m reading at the moment by Jack Kerouac is a story about travel and exploration. I also just finished the Miles Davis autobiography which was life changing for me.

[10] What’s the first thing you notice about a person? Their swagger