Caitlin | Manager, Vera Wang

Name Caitlin

Occupation Manager, Vera Wang

Social Handle @King_Margot

5 Current Songs You’re Listening To Paul Simon Graceland…There’s at least 5 songs on there

Pet/Peeves? New York pedestrian traffic, stepping in water with socks on, and oil paints ability to get on everything hours after I’ve stopped painting. Also liars.

Favourite Colour? Yellow

Q: What’s your most favorite possession and why?

C: My claddagh ring. It was passed down to me when I was a kid. It was the first thing ever given to me that I really cared about and understood the importance of. 

Q: What’s one tool you’d never leave the house without?

C: Mechanical pencil

Q: Why did you decide drawing on matchbooks?

C: I ran out of illustration board and was watching a lot of French new wave films that are overflowing with smokers, had a stock pile of matchbooks on my desk because I am also a perpetual smoker, and painted the stars from the film “à bout de souffle” (Breathless) on my first books. I had seen an incredible artist use matchbooks a few months before this and fell in love with the idea.

Q: What’s your favorite work of art that you’ve done?

C: I don’t really have a favorite finished piece, but I have a few favorite ideas for pieces I haven’t started yet. 

Q: What’s on the horizon for you?

C: Allowing more time for other types of art other than matchbooks, as well as balancing other interests while maintaining a full time job. So basically, little to no sleep is on my horizon.