Chuck Marcus | Instagram

Name Chuck Marcus

Occupation Photographer / Content Producer

Social Handle @chuckmarcus

5 Current Songs You’re Listening To

Soulection Radio Show

A$AP Ferg – New Level

Drake – One Dance

Kanye West – Ultralight Beam

Nas – Life’s a Bitch

Pet/Peeves? I hate when people Flopp on me.

Grail? Become the master of my craft.

Favourite Colour? Kelly Green

Q: Any particular reason you shoot with a Nikon

CM: I was raised on Nikon. My parents keep a bunch of Nikons in the household from a Nikon f2 to Nikon f10. It became second nature.

Q: Tell us about the beads in the photo.

CM: My beads represent an African religion called Yoruba. It also represents the Seven Orishas. The beads are from the seven african powers. The ones that I wear are Ogun, Orula, and Eshu.

Q: Any back story to the “Unapologetically Black” sticker on your phone?

CM: Well Eye am “unapologetically black” but basically I got the sticker from a youth group called the (BYP) “Black Youth Project”.