7th Kind | Photographer

Name Nick Junior

Occupation Photographer

Social Handle @7thKind

Grail? My current Grail is Minolta XG-1 film camera my aunt handed down to me 

Favourite Colour? Red

You mentioned that the New Balances you came here with weren’t your favorite kicks. If you had to do this lay down with us again what would you wear?

Those New Balances took me through hell and back, but if I had to lay another pair down, it’d have to be some Air Max 90s or specifically the infrared colorways.

What’s your favorite lens to shoot with and why?

It’s really hard to say, but I’ve really been liking my 40mm. It’s a tiny lens that doesn’t weigh a whole lot and it’s really been getting the job done for what I really need. A lens I really would to try though is the 70-200mm.

What made you decide to start printing your work for this journal?

I’ve always felt that the longevity of my work needed to survive in physical form but it needed to be something containing images I wasn’t posting. Things that were more personal that couldn’t be replicated. I saw people online making prints and I loved it. I got really inspired but I wanted to find another way that I can at least give people a bang for their buck when I am ready to release copies publicly. 

Tell us a little about your Journal. What made you decide to have people start signing it?

The Journal is a book consisting of images that tell somewhat of a story with all people I’ve met, places I’ve been and friends I hang with. I started getting people signing the book when Street Dreams came over to Toronto in 2015 and I was showing it off to my friend Eric Veloso who is the editorial director of Street Dreams. He asked for a pen and signed it. Shortly after he suggested that everyone who sees it should sign it, and from there the idea blossomed, so shout out Eric and the whole Street Dreams man dem.

Current Songs You’re Listening To

What was your main takeaway from your last visit to NYC?

The real takeaway from the trip was really seeing that everything happens for a reason. My friends and I ran into some minuscule problems there but things solved itself.