Eddie Lee | Photographer

Name Eddie Lee

Occupation Photographer

Social Handle @Lord_Edwin

Pet/Peeves? Negative people, closed minded, arrogant, anything with bad vibes

Grail Purchase? Sony A7II

Favourite Colour? Black

Current Albums You’re Listening To 

Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight

Cozy Tapes, Vol 1: Friends


Life of Pablo

Coloring Book

You have TLOP (The Life of Pablo) on your current albums list… what are your thoughts on Kanye West? 

Kanye. He absolutely killed 2016 not only with his music but in the fashion world. I was blessed to see him perform on his tour before he canceled the second leg. The man is a creative genius and a true inspiration to those who love him. I hope he runs for 2020 haha.

Speaking of elections. What are your thoughts on the 2016 election and do you think it will affect your content?

Everyone thought he was jokingly running but somehow he won. Trump looked shocked too! I guess we have to live with it for the next 4 years. It’s a shame that Obama is passing the torch to him after all he’s done in his two terms. Honestly no one is going to affect my content besides myself.

What do you love/hate about the current youth culture?
I love how we’re not afraid to do anything we put our minds to and how we use social media to our advantage to accomplish those certain goals. I dislike how people aren’t comfortable in their own skin and would do anything to be someone else.

What do you love/hate about Instagram?
I have mixed feelings about IG but I’m thankful and appreciative of it because how it changed my life in multiple ways. It got me a full time studio job with @CityBlueShop, allowed me to travel to new parts of the world, and connected with new people with similar mindsets from around the world. That’s how I met Arevalo too! Instagram can sometimes be a little too fast with the amount of content being put out and I start noticing people falling into trends so it’s crucial to find inspiration outside and just live life.

Why did you choose to add Uno to your set up?
I feel like it’s a good ice breaker or even if I’m chilling with friends, I bust the cards and play a game or 2. I’m a huge trash talker in everything so when it comes to Uno, you better come prepared.

What camera is this and how happy with it are you on a scale of 1 -10?
My current set-up is a Sony A7II with a 55mm or 24-70. I’m perfectly content with this camera until I can afford the A7RII.