James Jean | Creator

Name James Jean

Occupation Creator

Social Handle @Jfkjean

Pet/Peeves? Blindly accepting things as they are and not asking more questions about why we are where we are today. 

Grail? A raw brick building in Brooklyn

Favourite Colour? Most shades of grey and green

Current Songs You’re Listening To 

What item wouldn’t you be able to leave home?

Can’t leave home without..my daily planner notebook. Probably the one item that I can’t wear that goes everywhere with me. Your next best idea is always right around the corner. 

What is that parcel in your tote bag?

It’s a book I mailed to my younger cousin, The Third Eye by Sophia Stewart, the inspiration for The Matrix and Terminator series in my opinion. Highly recommended for those who want to dig deeper on information that gets hidden and obscured (stolen) from Black folks as the originators of alla dis *looks around at everything*.

What is the symbol on the back of your jacket?

The upside down Pyramid is an idea I’m currently putting together that will see the light of day very  soon. We can’t change our perceptions of the past, present and future if we don’t push to change the perception of ourselves first. 

Why do you shoot film?

Shooting digital is obviously more convenient for many reasons, but film retaught me how to be more patient when focusing on a subject, getting that shot right on the first try. Plus, I prefer the grittier composition film gives me

What was the biggest takeaway from Robert Greene’s Mastery?

My biggest takeaway is that I wish I read something like this when I was younger. Not drastically different after reading his books on Seduction and 48 Laws, but would also recommend this specifically to teens before they finish the high school level or transitioning into adulthood.  

What gravitated you to our hoody?

It’s simple design but the little details drew me. The off centered text and choice of cotton are nice touches, and the seam accents really draw the eyes up and down. I would love to see how it looks with a little character and age.