delivery 0003| HEADWEAR

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Delivery 0002 Cadet Beanie worn by Jeff Donna in World's Fair's music video "Sammy Sosa." Watch the video HERE.


Delivery 0001 | Combat Couture

The Combat Couture collection (November 2012) aims to show the beauty and elegance behind what is considered as a rugged military aesthetic. Delivery 0001 is purely handcrafted and centers on the Camo is Dead Tie collection, which consists of two hand-sewn square ties that come in Moss Camo & Desert Camo colorways. Along with the ties is the Utility Sleeve that comes in a digital desert camo print.

Delivery 0001 also houses the East Meets West Bracelet Collection. An homage to past civilizations that impacted today's society. The collection is inspired by East Asian and native Aztecan craftsmanship. All bracelets are hand-crafted and features cultural figures from each respected civilization.

Delivery 0002 | Untitled

Delivery 0002 (February 2013) comes in 3 colorways - safety orange, moss camo, and black. A leather OG Arevalo & Co label centers the knit beanies and is hand-embossed in Bergen County, NJ. The safety orange, or known as Nemo, is named after the Nemo snow storm that affected the whole East Coast USA. The moss camo or Cadet beanie is designed with a moss camo colorway. Lastly, the black on black Vader beanie is a practice on the harmony of mixing two different fabrics.

Delivery 0003 | Hardin

The Hardin collection (June 2013) features a floral print tee, The Rosa, and two 5-panel camper hats, The Florist & The Zen. The Rosa tee is made out of a cotton/polyester blend and is designed with a floral gradient print. The Zen 5-panel camper centers on a blue bonsai silhouette design, and complimented with a denim brim, leather strap (w/ metal eyelets), metal closure, and topped off with a leather Arevalo & Company label. Delivery 0003's The Florist 5-panel camper is designed with a classic floral print design with rose petal and rose leaflet accents. It also is complimented with a leather brim, leather strap (w/ metal eyelets), metal closure, and leather Arevalo & Company label.


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Outfits that showcase the utility and everyday attributes of clothing. It features thrifted pieces, current trends in fashion, and samples of past and future collections.



Vintage clothing, jewelry, and miscellaneous items dug from the bottom of crates. The thrifted goods serves as OOTD pieces and inspiration for future collections.



Music, movie, and cultural events that shape manner of everyday life. These events spark our creative thoughts and inspires the design process behind our garments and accessories.