Krystian Lorenzana | Founder, Slow Build Heavy Grind

Name Krystian Lorenzana

Occupation Maker of Clothing, Slow Build Heavy Grind

Social Handle @SlowBuildHeavyGrind

5 Current Songs You’re Listening To 

Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

Kanye West – Last Call

PartyNextDoor – High Hopes

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Young Thug – RiRi

Pet/Peeves? Put your phone away when we’re eating -IG can wait. Or when the Uber calls and tells you where to meet them. Nah b I’m paying you to pick me up right where I’m standing.

Grail? Anything late ’80s / early ’90s Margiela

Favourite Colour? Grey

Tell us a little about your book Tao Te Ching and how it’s affected your process.

The Tao Te Ching is the book I read when I need to focus in and put things into perspective. It’s all about trusting that things unfold the way they need to and working towards being in harmony with your world, no matter how chaotic it is at the moment. It’s helpful in that sense. I have so many things going on sometimes and it gets overwhelming. The book is a quick way to check myself and put me back in the right mindset.

What type of crystals are these?

The clear one is quartz, the green one is jade and the orange is citrine.

Can you explain their importance?

It sounds ridiculous when I talk about it, but I believe that everything has its own energy. In the same way that plants and vegetables come from the Earth and nourish our bodies, I believe that certain minerals and crystals have the potential to nourish our mindset and mood.

Would you say Vans Old Skools are your favorite shoe?

They’re my go-to shoe for every day, but they’re not my favorite.

…So then what’s your favorite shoe?

My favorite shoe is the Nike Flyknit Racer. I remember seeing all the athletes at the Olympics wearing it when it first came out. There was nothing like that before. The Flyknit technology is revolutionary because it cuts down on wasted materials, it’s durable, and can be done in so many different ways. It’s a technology that changed the game.

How many knockoffs of Flyknit have you seen since that shoe debuted? Everyone else is just playing catch up. I want to be able to create something to that level – something that solves major problems and changes the way things are done.

Bape or Supreme? and Why?

Both are legends. I’m always gonna go with Bape though. Always. I lived in Japan for a majority of the 2000s when Bape was just starting to get noticed by Americans. The first time I remember seeing Bape was at the airport when I first moved to Japan. It was a whole family – the dad, mom, and two kids just Baped out head to toe. I’d never seen that before! And then in high school I would save up my money and take the bus to Fukuoka to go and find the store, because back then that was the only way to buy it. This was before smart phones and Google maps, so I’d have to find a map and walk around the city trying to find it. All that extra effort makes the brand identity stronger and it’s an experience that’s on its way to extinction. It’s so much more gratifying supporting a brand in that way as opposed to clicking some links – I think we need to get back to that.