Mich Dee | ER Nurse in the morning / Photographer at night

Name Michelle Duong
Occupation I currently work as a nurse in an emergency department.
Social Handle @mich.dee
5 Current Songs You’re Listening to
Currently listening to DJ Okawari’s album, Diorama. Such good vibes.
When people sneeze without covering their mouth.
Favourite Colour? 

Q: Where did you buy this tote?

MD: It’s from my aunt. It was lying around her apartment so I asked if I could have it. 

Q: What was the best/worst part about your trip to NY?


Best – One of the best parts was wandering West Village early in the morning. I loved how quiet and charming the neighborhood was.
Worst – The smell of garbage and urine in the subway. But I’ve smelled worse things at work so I got over it fast!

Q: How did you start shooting photography?

MD: I started off with my iPhone but after hanging with Tyler, he managed to convince me to invest in a proper camera. The rest is history.