We sat down with Brooklyn based photographer and long time friend of the brand, Marielle Sales (@breakfastsnob) to chat about photography, music, food, and life in general.

Fun fact: We met our first editorial model Takashi (@globalcitizenx) of our Delivery 0004 Collection and our Coffee Break feature Radamiz (@Radamiz) at her house party almost 3 years ago.

Marielle took us to a great hole-in-wall cafe in Chinatown, New York called S. Wan Cafe. It couldn’t have been a better cuisine and vibe on a rainy Saturday in January on one of those random days where being outdoors was not a death sentence.

From there we headed to the studio to shoot her &&Company Feature airing next month so stay tuned.

Thank you && Enjoy.

“I tend to take photos of my everyday surroundings and capture the essence and mood of that quiet moment.”

“I’m very nostalgic for classic American scenes in the suburbs or on the road.”