Made in America by Immigrants Tee

Pay attention && look around you. That’s really it.

True story. We’ve been made in New York City for two seasons now. While developing our 2018 Autumn | Winter cut && sew collection, our pattern maker pointed out that a majority of manufacturers && producers in New York City are made up of Immigrant workers. You look around and you realize that this is true across all disciplines. As proud as we are of being made in this country, we’re even more proud that those that actually hustle to make our products immigrated here hoping for a better situation.

Features our ‘Made in America by Immigrants’ design printed with high density heat on a crewneck pocket tee. Printed in Brooklyn, New York. 100% cotton && Made in USA.

Not Made in America Tee

Pay attention && look around you. That’s really it.

Features our ‘Not Made in America’ design in multiple languages. Thanks to the good people that helped translate this powerful statement. Printed on a crewneck pocket tee in Brooklyn, New York. 100% cotton && Made in USA.

Michele Lamy Long Sleeve Tee

In a 2013 Dazed Interview, Michèle Lamy was asked what her mantra was… her answer:
“What’s the story?”

Close to half a decade ago, we saw Michèle Lamy while running around New York City looking for places to embroider hats. Never been the type to bother people regardless of status, we stopped her after the third time of passing by her. One takeaway from the convo was strive to be unique and a story is what separates product && art.

Our Lamy Long Sleeve tee is a straight fit and a crewneck printed with one of Michèle Lamy’s most iconic photos.

Rei Band Tee

Paying homage to one of our favorites. Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market, has been a thorough-line in our approach to design and our aesthetic view. A usual reference or source of inspiration. Our Rei Band Tee features some of Rei Kawakubo’s most iconic photos. The tee is a straight fit with slightly elongated sleeves. The letters are printed with high-density heat for natural cracks.

Side Note: All tees are not the same.